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Hi!  I'm Jenn

Founder & Owner of Rooted & Rise

A few years ago I found myself at rock bottom.

Deep into depression and anxiety.  Confused and lonely doing life "by the books". 

Working long hours and commuting to a job I had fallen out of love with but

made good money had a pension and benefits. 

I had no balance, no self care and no boundaries.

My (then) therapist suggested I try a regular yoga practise to help settle my thoughts.

I had practised yoga on videos at home here and there over the years.  Mostly skipping the vinyasa's and savouring the stretching.   I wasn't a "yoga body" and didn't belong in a studio (so I thought). 

It took a few tries but eventually I found my home.  

A deep passion for my slow, passive practise and quiet moments on the mat developed.

A student of life - I took the next step and decided to take advantage of my maternity leave and deepen my knowledge of yoga.  I never planned to teach.

After one Sunday session of my first YTT the writing was on the wall..this was my passion.  

Rooted & Rise

was born.

Of wasn't that easy.

A pandemic & return to shift work later

I was to busy doing everything else to run my business.

One fateful Wednesday evening (what, I write meditations for a living - I have to make this entertaining) after a 

community meditation a client commented how thankful she was for the supportive community that was blossoming.

It struck home.  How could I continue to balance it all.  I was burning out.  Something had to give.

On vacation from work that August it became glaringly clear what had to go.  After a nearly fourteen year career in emergency services it was time.

In pursuit of happiness, passion and purpose I submitted my resignation and followed my dream.

To cultivate a space for our clients to embrace restorative wellness of the mind, body and soul.  

By creating a calm and warm environment with holistic modalities to promote balance for busy and stressful lifestyles.


To support our clients growth as they embrace their intuition to draw on peace and resiliency in their body and mind by focusing on the present and reprogramming negative mindsets.


To embrace community over competition by valuing and collaborating with like minded businesses in our community.

To embrace diversity and acceptance for all members of the community regardless of sex characteristics, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or ability and creating a space that is welcoming and safe for all.

To create a safe, caring, respectful and welcoming space for everyone that comes through our doors.


To act and speak with humility and integrity.  Both on and off the mat.  

To honour, respect and appreciate the roots and origins of our practise.  


To honour, respect and acknowledge the land on which we practise.  


To support our community by giving back financially and energetically.  

To meet our clients where they are - physically, emotionally, financially


To advocate for mental health.  To end the stigma.  To work through access barriers to care.

And so....

The Restorative Wellness Studio 

was born.

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