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At Rooted & Rise Restorative we offer a variety of holistic and passive energy modalities that encourage balance, rest and tranquillity.

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Private | Semi Private | Group

At Rooted & Rise we believe that yoga is truly for everybody.

We have been overwhelmed with the dynamic at a studio.  Felt out of place or unrepresented.  Needed a safe and quiet space to explore our practise to make it work for us.

Which is why we only offer small group classes to design a practise that meets you where you are.  Suited to your unique needs and goals for your practise.

Perfect for all shapes and sizes.  Beginner or experienced yogis welcome.  

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At Rooted & Rise we offer a range of guided meditation practises to create a unique experience with each session.

Curating a space of ultimate relaxation by invoking the senses through special lighting, sound experiences, essential oils and playing with light and dark allows you to leave feeling more grounded and a higher sense of calm.

See booking for details on specific offerings.

Suitable for all levels.



Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that involves a non-invasive "laying of the hands" or light touch holistic therapy for mind, body and soul.

It can assist anyone who may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unbalanced by creating space for the client to harmonize and balance the energetic body.

During a Reiki session, fully clothed, the client reclines on a massage table.  The practitioner places hands slightly above or gently on client in a series of positions to create a space of relaxation and restoration to improve and balance energy.

Reiki is practised worldwide and while spiritual in nature has no dogma or religion attached to it.  Light force energy can be whatever higher force you connect with.

Sessions are schedule for 60 minutes including 10 minutes prior and 10 minutes following a 40 minute session for questions and review.

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Hand & Foot

Therapeutic Relaxation

A soft glowing room, essential oils and soothing music surround you while your hands and feet are placed onto warm pink salt blocks.

You are then guided into stillness with restorative breath and meditation.  As you give yourself permission to release the daily hustle of life and sink into rest you begin to truly experience the therapeutic benefits that SALT has to offer.

Salt sessions stimulate energy flow and calm the body and mind allowing for a deep state of relaxation.

Pink salts therapeutic properties may detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, stimulate nerve endings and more.

If you have any predisposed health conditions, are taking medication or pregnant we highly recommend contacting your medical professional prior to booking.

Please note - individuals with any skin infection or communicable disease on the should not book this treatment.  Treatment will not take place.


Holistic Facials

Our holistic facials are custom created for you & your skin to support your wellness journey.

Using a combination of ancient holistic techniques to release and repair, create flow, lift, sculpt, tone and glow.

We use herbs, oils and ingredients found in nature and high quality Ayurveda blends to custom create a deeply restorative and healing experience for you.
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